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PLKN : WHAT TO BRING. (the complete one) 1

What To Bring For National Service/PLKN list : 

☞ Luggage. ( Bag pergi oversea )

A super-duper-damn BIG BIG BIG luggage! just choose the biggest one that u have. Trust me! u guys will know how important to own a big big luggage soon. =)

☞ A backpack. ( Bag galas biasa )
☞ Hair Shampoo. (750ml is enough for 3 months)

☞ Shower Cream.
I suggest u guys to bring those big bottles one. Better to buythose that can refill. And remember to bring refill pack of shower cream. Protex? Dettol? Radox? Lifebuoy?

☞ Facial Cleanser. (pembersih muka)
☞ Toothbrush & Toothpaste. ( Berus gigi and ubat nya )
☞ Hair Conditioner. *For GIRLS only :)
☞ Hair Combs. (sikat rambut)
☞ Nails Clipper without knife. (pengepit kuku tanpa pisau)
☞ Sweater.
☞ Plaster.
☞ Hair clips.
*For GIRLS only!* (pengepit rambut)
☞ Tissue Paper.
☞ Pen & Notebooks.
☞ Telekung, Songkok
(for Muslim)
☞ Paracetamol (Panadol)
☞ Plastic bags & Newspaper. (* For GIRLS only !!!*)
☞ Brush. (berus basuh baju)
☞ Oreo/ Tiger biscuit (Or u will need it when u jadi Pengawal Malam)
☞ 3 in 1 milo/coffee (Tak paksa, Just bring if u think u want.)
☞ Cup Noodles/ MAGGI in packs (dekat kem pon ada jual, ikot suka nk bwak ke tak)
☞ Water Bottle (botol air)
☞ Barang Barang dalaman.
☞ Rexona

☞ Hair Band.
(Getah rambut)
Remember bring extra hair band! Cause it's easy to lost.

☞ Towel. (tuala)
There will supply u a blue PLKN towel. Seriously, i think that towel is hard to absorb water. So, just bring ur own towel better! Remember to bring at least 2 towels.

☞ Handkerchief/Small Towel. (sapu tangan, tuala kecil)
Bring it if u think u need it to wipe ur tears? Or sweat? Or u can also use it to block the sun. =) How? ask me if u see me! i'll teach u the "direction". HAHAHA

☞ Black Socks. (sarung kaki)
They will supply u 2 pairs of white socks(for PT shoes), 2 pairs of black socks(for Kelas shoes) & 2 pairs of grey socks(for spike boot). But i suggest u to bring 2 more extra black socks because u'll need it well when ur socks belum kering.

☞ Mopiko.
This is really a MUST MUST MUST thingy!!! Because there would be tones of mosquitoes chasing u to bite. Be careful of it.

☞ Mosquito Repellent & Insects Repellent. (Penghalau nyamuk & Serangga penghalau.)
You need it well too! To prevent any mosquitoes bite, must bring it! Depends on u guys! Do remember too! Buy those products that can apply on face too! Or else, kenalah ur face.

Insects repellent is not important if u don't bring so. Maybe u just need it for Wirajaya(activities in FOREST). The most important is still MOSQUITO REPELLENT.

☞ Sunblock. 
Mesti bawa!!! Cause u'll be kawad-ing under a hot sun during 2-4 p.m. in the afternoon. WoW!!!! is syok if u didn't apply sunblock on ur skin. 2 obviously different skin colours. U'll check it out soon! ;D

☞ Slipper.
Go pasar malam and search for those kind of "crocs" slipper that only costs 10 ringgit. Or just use 'selipar jepun'. Use den throw it. No need to bring it back. it can prevent ur feet from mosquito bites when u enter the toilet just to brush ur teeth. U'll kena at least 10 bites within that short 5 minutes. =.=

☞ T-shirt.

Bring 2 or 3 T-shirt is enough. U only need to wear it during sleep or in dorm SAHAJA. Out of dorm, just can only wear the shirts they supplied for u. Don't bring too much! Or else u would face a problem when u packaging u luggage when u back. No matter how big ur luggage is, sure not enough place!

☞ Long/Short pants. (seluar pendek dan panjang)
Don't bring skirt. No one wear skirt in camp! =,=
u can either bring long or short pants. Same! U can only wear it when u're in dorm SAHAJA! For the 1st two weeks, u'll scare of mosqutio bites, then u'll choose to wear long pants. But when dah biasa, i'm sure u'll wear short pants due to the hot weather and it's more comfortable.
Yea!! 2 or 3 is enough.

☞ Blanket. (selimut)
Bring ur own blanket if u wanna have some smell of ur bed. HAHAHAHAHAHA
Depends on you. Setiap camp sudah sediakan blanket to you.

☞ Clothes Hanger. (penyidai baju)
Bring lots of it. They won't supply for u. U need to hang all ur shirts-2 inner loreng, 2 baju loreng, 2 seluar loreng, 2 baju kelas, 2 seluar kelas, 2 baju PT, 2 seluar PT and ur own clothes.

☞ Clothes Peg. (pengepit baju)
Buy 1 pack. U need it very well. And remember to write ur name on it, so that it won't lost and u can collect ur shirts without mixing with others one.

☞ Pail. (timba)
Bring it if u no need to take a flight. Those who take flight, u can just buy it at the kantin(somehow like our school koperasi) in camp.

☞ Handphone Handphone Charger/Battery Charger. ( sbg alat perhubungan)
The one and only entertainment in camp. I suggest u to bring those kind that can TAKE PHOTO. Because every moment in camp u should snap it down. U'll know how important to own that soon. But don't bring too expensive one like IPHONE la. tht's one you should give to me. hahaha

☞ Cotton swabs ( kapas telinga )
Need it to clear ur eyes. Or else u would be PEKAK for 3 months. MUAHAHAHAHA

☞ Febreze.
This is a MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST le!!!! Sometimes ur shirt would be smelly due to the rainy days. Or those clothes that send to dobi got a weird smell. U do need FEBREZE very well... ur "best buddy" in camp! ;D
I'm sure u'll spray it everyday and especially for the 1st day u reach there =x

☞ Alarm Clock. (Jam penggera)
There are no mama to kick u up! No rooster to noise u up too! So, bring an alarm clock... + battery along!

☞ Baju Tradisional.
Bring along is a better choice! Or else u have to borrow from ur friends. But is better to own yourself gok~ ;D Wear it for Pertandingan Lagu Patriotik, it will helps to tambah markah! :D

☞ Money.

Don't ask me bring how much. But what can i tell you is, there got no any ATM mesin for u to withdraw ur money.
Oh Yah!!! Don't forget to bring along SYILINGS. Syilings sre important in camp! Those phone are public phones. U can only call out using public phone in camp during weekdays. So, syilings are very important!!!

☞ IC, Documents
Your own IC, photostat IC, Birth Certificate, Parents' photostat IC & documents that the letter state to bring. Remember to memorize one of ur parents IC number!

☞ Washing Powder ( sabun basuh baju )
Is better to buy powder instead of using those liquid kind solution to wash ur clothes. whatever brand, Trojan? Breeze? Top? Softlan? Kuat Harimau? Good Maid? Fab? Dynamo? Daia? Downy?

☞ Warm Cup (cerek, periuk memasak, etc)
Bring it if u think u need to bancuh milo or cook maggi. Dun worry! there would be hot and cold water supplying for u guys!

☞ Lotion & Powder
Tak semestinya kena bawa. Depends on u if u feel like bringing!

☞ Thread & Needles (benang, jarum)
u gotta learn to sew ur shirt. Cause sometimes their shirts' button is easy to drop. Bring black & white thread. Depends on you

☞ Recycle Bag
Maybe u need it for the last day. Lots of "rubbish" u gotta bring back. Luggage is seriously not enough place for u. So, better bring recycle bag too!

☞ Torchlight (Lampu suluh)
u need it when being Pengawal Malam. Or going into jungle for Wirajaya activities.

☞ Camera
Bring it if u tak takut it will hilang. But every moment in camp should be snap down! All those sweet sweet memories u can't hunt it back next time....

credit to : HEW ANN LI

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