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STPM : New Modular / Modular Baru STPM

STPM is a 1 ½  year of PRE-U course( not form 6 anymore). Due  to the system, the MOHE  have change it to Modular System.

What is Modular system?
It is something like a “University –exam style” format. You study for 1 semester, then exam, after that you don’t study the old topics but you study the new topics for the next semester.

How do you calculate the result?
To calculate your results, it is like this:
OVERALL RESULT: Result 1+2+3

How do you calculate the Grading system?
Based on the row of marks, students are advised to get 3 pointers which is a “B” to get into local University. Even though most University minimum requirement is a 2 pointer BUT they USUALLY take in students with higher CGPA. And their requirement varies every year.
For 4 subjects:
Take the best 4 sub divided by 4.
If you take 5 subject:
Take the best 5 sub divided by 5.
A student gets his/her STPM result like this:
Pengajian Am4.00

Overall: (4+3.33 +3.00+ 4.00)   ÷   4= 3.58 (Divide the number of subjects taken)
Can we redo the exam if I fail exam?yes you can of course. Exam of sem 1 and 2 will be retake after exam of sem 3. But if you fail on exam of sem 3 you’ll have to waste another  1 year to redo it. ( 1 ½ + 1= 2 ½ year)
Does Pre-U have course work?
In this Pre –U course, we do have course work. PBS(course work) is like kerja krusus, kerja amal and kajian luar. The total of these marks are graded by your teacher: 20-40 %. Your exam paper (berpusat) =60-80 %. The PBS depends on the subjects. No matter if you hate it, you still have to do it if not you will fail.
Like normal STPM for the previous year, our exams will still be Graded by CA (people from Cambridge) to analyze our paper for the final proof reading.
What is so good about studying Form 6 from 2012?
Besides it being a modular system, it is actually semester wise break up that we have to study.  The stress of studying the whole semester within 1year and doing the exam can be avoided in this new system.
What is the fees for STPM(Pre-U)?It is free actually but you still have to pay to your school for the other stuffs.
Here is the fees breakdown
The original prices is RM 120(students stuff requirement)
1 Subject= RM 50 (Per subject)
Exam= RM 50
OVERALL OF 4 subject exam = RM 450
For 5 subject, It’s = RM 500
For foreign students: 
You can pay through BSN or online banking that is allowed or accepted through particular banks.
What about the subjects that is given by the government?
  • Pengajian Am (General Studies)
  • Bahasa Melayu (Malay Language)
  • Bahasa Cina (Chinese Language)
  • Bahasa Tamil (Tamil Language)
  • Bahasa Arab (Arabic Language)
  • Literature in English
  • Kesusasteraan Melayu (Malay Literature)
  • Syariah (Islamic Law)
  • Usuluddin (Usuluddin)
  • Sejarah (History)
  • Geografi (Geography)
  • Ekonomi (Economics)
  • Pengajian Perniagaan (Business Studies)
  • Perakaunan (Accounting)
  • Mathematics M( Management) (may not be taken with Mathematics T)
  • Mathematics T( Technology) (may not be taken with Mathematics M)
  • Further Mathematics (may only be taken with Mathematics T)
  • Computing (may only be taken at certain schools)
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Sains Sukan (Sports Science)
  • Seni Visual (Visual Art)
These are the offered subjects by the government. As for the schools offers, the combinations of the subjects (comes in a package) are actually given by the school exam board themselves. So, for further information, please refer with your schools with form 6 classes and compare the packages before deciding which school you want to go for your Pre-U.
WHEN are we going to start studying actually?This time round, we are going to start studying in JUNE.
What about the exams?It starts during November for 4 days normally. (The REAL STPM exam).
That’s all for now students. Please share this information with your friends and also to your parents if they are still confused. Thank you :DDDD

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